Friday, 21 November 2014

Smoky Not Smudgy 2014

This is an overview of my experience at the 2014 annual Smoky Not Smudgy charity event at Imperial College London. Inshallah I will be uploading more pictures of the fashion show and all the goodies that I somehow accumulated later on. So keep an eye out for more upcoming details!

So, last Sunday I hopped onto a train with some chums and headed to the extremely well-known Smoky Not Smudgy event in Kensington. This was my first time at Smoky Not Smudgy, and leading up to the event I was really excited as it's built quite a reputation for itself, being promoted on various hijab blogs and vlogs, and featuring a great mix of stalls, bloggers, workshops and fashion shows,  showcasing modest yet stylish clothing. I've been following the event for a few years now and have been impressed with the commitment of the volunteers and the variety of stalls and activities that the event itself offers.


The turnout was pretty amazing, so much so we endured our fair share of tight squeezes and claustrophobic moments! It's nice to know that an event of this caliber is supported by so many women and still going strong in its seventh year. It's wonderful that SnS provides women, from all walks of life, with the perfect opportunity to get together in the name of charity and celebrate the beauty of a way of life, which has empowered women for thousands of years. It was inspiring to see women with various visions promoting their own businesses while often sharing their talents and skills with the rest of world. Handmade cosmetics and skin care were very popular amidst the sea of scarf stalls, which was great as people really seem to be a lot more conscious about taking care of their skin. The fashion show in the evening was a great finale to the day and showcased some gorgeous semi-formal and formal outfits, including sparkly Asian outfits that would be perfect for a special occasion or wedding. The work and efforts of the volunteers is really commendable, and there were plenty of friendly faces around when we needed assistance or directions.

A polka dot skirt! What more could a girl ask for?
Gorgeous designs from Modiish

In terms of the event itself, I have to say I was a tincy wincy bit underwhelmed. Knowing the reputation that the event has built up for itself, I was expecting a lot more, something with a bit more shabban?! Fireworks? Fire eating bears? One a serious note, SnS has built up such a strong brand that I was expecting that in the deliverance of the actual event itself. The overall vibe I got from the event was very much like a community bazar, and to be  fair the event does advertise itself as having a bazar; however, I somehow expected it to be a little different? I imagined the event to be on the same league as Good Food Show or Ideal Home, in terms of space and vendors. Although there was some fabulous variety in terms of stalls and vendors, I think having more open space would have made a huge difference and presented the goods in a more appealing fashion while providing a more relaxed atmosphere. You could easily walk past so many stalls without actually noticing their goods! I remember coming home and realising while flicking through some business cards that I had walked straight past (twice in fact) a great upcoming designer that I'm a huge fan off. Yes! The sheer horror on my face when seeing their business card in my handbag and realising that I had missed them!
 Having said this, I can appreciate the difficult of organising a charity event in addition to keeping head costs down by restricting space in order to sustain maximum profit.

Cupcake towers!

There were lots of sweet treats and cupcake stands to keep the sweet tooth ladies (including moi) happy. I only noticed one stand selling actual lunchtime food – vegetable and meat biryani. I think more selection of savory food would have been greatly appreciated by everyone, certainly by me, although saying that the veg biryani was simply divine! It was the perfect blend of spicy, aromatic rice with the the right amount of sweet/sourness. Way to go TKC!

Overall, it was a great day out with plenty of activities and entertainment, providing women with a fab opportunity to get together. It also allows innovative and upcoming businesses and designers to network and show off their wares to the public while providing women with the opportunity to shop! However, I think space wise, a larger area would have provided a more relaxed environment and the opportunity to display the goods in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

A quick inspection to check what it is.
Who can resist gorgeous, handmade silk bouquets from Cherry Blossom Bouquets?


  1. Loving those outfits by Modish, they stood out to me because I'm on the lookout for a special skirt/lengha which I can dress up for a "less is more" chic look at weddings.

    1. You're right, these skirts would look perfect for a wedding.
      Definitely something different compared to traditional
      bling o rama wedding wear!
      Check out Mirage by Numra (, they also have some pretty
      maxi skirts.