Sunday, 23 April 2017

Contemplations: Forget planning the fairytale wedding and start preparing more for married life

My recent article for the Muslim Vibe

As a young girl, I always dreamed of my perfect wedding day – the non-traditional big white dress, the pretty flowers, the carefully co-ordinated cake, background drapes and bridesmaids, but most importantly, I dreamed of the day where I would feel like a queen with all eyes on me!     

Throughout my teenage years right to my early 20s my fantasy evolved, and with each wedding I attended, be it a cousin’s, friend’s or a complete random stranger’s, my plans solidified, and I had put together the exact blueprints for my big day. All I needed now was a husband in order to execute my dream wedding.

And when the time came for marriage, try as I might, no matter how hard I tried to prevent myself from getting completely engrossed with wedding preparations, all I could think about was that one day, those few hours sitting on a stage in my white dress and my long-anticipated fantasy turning into a reality.

It’s only now, six months into marriage, that I realise how easily sidetracked I had become with all the wedding preparations.
Image from the Muslim Vibe