Monday, 1 December 2014

Haul: Smoky Not Smudgy 2014

So....onto the haul!
I have to say I find it a little puzzling that I only have two main purchases to share from SnS! It's always the case that when I empty my purse on a shopping splurge, I cannot pinpoint for the life of me what I actually bought. Well let me see...if you add everything up: a scarf, bottle of olive oil, jade bracelet, maxi cardigan, a crusty cupcake, biryani, sweeties and a calligraphy class, it does actually equate to a nice enough sum.

Before we decided to part with our cash, my chums and I made an executive decision to scour the entire bazar section of SnS meticulously in order to find the best picks of the day ( hey, no judging! We're students/recent graduates, we don't wanna be fobbed off!). I was constantly drawn to a sweet little stall selling beautiful silk bouquets, Cherry Blossom Bouquets, and had to resist the urge of actually buying my own little bouquet. Forget jilbabs, scarfs and sweets... its a bouquet that I actually want! The owner also sold handmade jewellery, Romeesa London, with semi-precious stones, and although I knew I could not possibly return home with a bridal bouquet in tow, the same couldn't be said about the jewellery pieces!