Sunday, 13 March 2016

Review: Moon Boutik- Urban Chic Abaya

As much as I love loath wedding shopping. Or what I really mean to say, as much as my family: mum, grandma, aunts, bestie and all enjoy wedding shopping, I cherish the moments when I can enjoy everyday 'normal' shopping. Be it buying bread from Tescos or socks from Primark, normality is a relief when you're plunged into wedding frenzy!

So it's time out from wedding shenanigans and onto an abaya review!

 Following on from my Marina maxi dress purchase from Moon Boutik, I was curious as to what else the online shop stocked. I'm always on the lookout for a good everyday abaya that's smart enough for work but still casual enough for the weekend.

So after spotting the fantastic range of colours in the Urban Chic Abaya, I had to muster all self-control from stopping myself from purchasing all 10 abayas in the same design! 

I first ordered the abaya in navy blue before going ahead and purchasing the ash grey one. The great thing about this abaya is that it gives you two looks: when tied with the belt it's perfect for work and when left loose it doubles up as a great slouchy weekend abaya.

The versatility of it also stretches to styling. You can dress it up with a blazar, clutch and elegant hijab, or dress down with flats, satchel and a floral hijab. The choice is really yours!

I have to say, prior to purchasing the abaya I wasn't too sure how it would fall with the belt tied, and whether it would be flattering or result in a fabulous junk-food belly! But since the material is quite thin and stretchy, the fabric falls quite nicely, forming its own flattering pleats and skimming over any chub.

Image from Moon Boutik
However, the downside to this lovely fabric is that because it is so thin, it is a little on the clingy side, so the best option is to wear thick enough clothing underneath to conceal your figure. I mean a clingy abaya is really the ultimate juxtaposition between modesty and baring all.

The other problem I find with the fabric is that after while it tends to collect boor or in English stubborn lint that does not come off with no lint roller! This is a real pain, as I feel after several washes the fabric just kind of wears out :(  I mean 3 months after I bought the grey one, it started gathering some serious teeth-grinding lint.

I don't know about you, but when I have a favourite abaya I expect for it to last a good two years before any signs of wear or tear! Maybe I'm just a little frugal with my clothes, but I mean in terms of price, the abaya retails for around £27.99, so it's not exactly the lower end of the market and you would, therefore, expect a longer wear? Yes? No? I've got cheaper abayas that I've had for years that have been washed regularly but are still in pretty good condition.

As much as I adore the cut, style and colour choices of this abaya, the fabric unfortunately really lets it down. But I'm sure with a thicker more durable fabric this could have the potential of being the ultimate abaya.

In the meantime, the search for the perfect everyday abaya continues!

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